Top 15 Blizzard Christmas Gifts – 2

Hearthstone Oversized Mouse Pad

Keep your mouse operation smooth at opitmal level with this iconic, stained-glass Heearthstone themed desk mat. This mousepad is to make sure he or she is putting the right cards on the deck.
$24.00 at the Hearthstone Oversized Mouse Pad

Cho’Gall Bundle

The ultimate friend gift, or boyfriend gift…to make sure everybody knows that you belong together Blizzard has got this Heroes of the Storm t-shirt Cho’Gall Bundle!
$38.00 at the Blizzard Gear Store

World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit

Test your World of Warcraft knowledge with this World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit game! Show off your knowledge by overcoming 600 questions of geography, lore and more.  Custom trivia card box featuring World of Warcraft art 6 traditional Trivial Pursuit scoring tokens. Great for staying in and
$25.00 at the Blizzard Gear Store

Overwatch Backpack

Going to college is very different compare to 10 years ago. No more books in your bag pack but tablets and laptops. A lot of wires and other charges are needed so you need more space for that! This backpack has a lot of different slots to carry all your wear while rocking the Overwatch style. Only $40!
$40.00 at the Amazon

Heroes of the Storm Funko Mystery Minis

Now you can bring the battle home! Includes one Mystery Mini figure. Item selection is random. Which one will you get? Collect them all!
$5.00 at the Blizzard Gear Store

World of Warcraft 60 DAYS Pre-Paid Time Card US/EU

It’s always nice to give or get 60 Days of World of Warcraft Time. Essential for all WoW players!
$19.98 at Kinguin

Diablo III: El’Druin, The Sword of Justice

The ultimate replica to possess, the Diablo III: El’Druin, The Sword of Justice! It features a pulsing blue LED light in the hilt, simulating the awesome protective powers the sword draws from the High Heavens.
$50.99 at Blizzard Gear Store


Diablo III: El’Druin, The Sword of Justice

Prepare a feast fit for a warchief with World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook, a delicious compendium of recipes inspired by Warcraft
$25.99 at Amazon


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