Original Run of the Leeroy Jenkins video

Never-before-seen first take/dry run of the Leeroy Jenkins video! :O

Geplaatst door GamePura op zaterdag 23 december 2017

Quote: I am releasing this never-before-seen first take/dry run of the Leeroy Jenkins video in hopes of raising awareness about Net Neutrality. I’ve been holding onto this for over a decade waiting for the “right” moment to make it public, and then last week Ajit Pai created his awful/condescending video and it riled me up so much that I decided it was finally time to unleash this gem of Internet history on the world to do my part to help out.

Hopefully some of you will find this interesting and/or amusing, and will take some time to research Net Neutrality and make a fuss about it. Here are some resources that will help in protecting a free and open Internet:


I will be making a sizable donation to the EFF and other related entities if for some reason this video generates any significant ad revenue.

Here’s a copy of the original video, in case you want to compare the differences: https://youtu.be/jbq5dsQ-l9M

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