How to obtain all secret Broken Shore items

Legion’s pre-patch went live this week and there are some cool secret items you can obtain during the Broken Shore scenario. Read carefully, because you won’t be able to obtain the items once you’ve completed the scenario. You could always use your alt to grab these secret items if you have already completed it! You need to be level 98+ and be able to do the Broken Shore questline.


The fourth hidden item requires Stage 6 of the Broken Shore. You can obtain: Alaina’s Bonnet

  • In Stage 6 of the Broken Shore you need to pick up the Charred Locket from Ashes of a Fallen Crusader.
  • Complete the Broken Shore Scenario and quest The Battle for Broken Shore
  • Go to Alaina Hearthsong in the Eastvale Logging Camp and give her the Charred Locket (House 85, 67)
  • Move away far enough to let her despawn and move upstairs.
  • Loot Alaina’s Bonnet from the Chest.

WoWScrnShot_081116_160430House of Alaina Hearthsong



! The Doomsayer turns into a demon objective has a 15 min CD and could be bugged sometimes, the drop is worth it Pocket Fel Spreader !

  • First check Group Finder for a group that is already busy farming the item. Because you can’t do this alone.
  • Talk to the Doomsayers that are spread out across (A) Stormwind and (H) Orgrimmar until you find one with an extra dialogue option instead of giving you a Pamphlet
  • Click on the second option in the dialogue and kill the Doomsayer Demon (To track down the Demon, you must  use a Tracking mechanism (Spectral Sight, Track Demons or Elixir of Detect Demon) )
  • Loot Pocket Fel Spreader

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