How to farm Artifact Power

Class Hall Research Notes
Class Hall Research Notes increases your Artifact Knowledge level. This means that the Artifact Power that you find will be increased by a lot. instead of 200 from a world quest you could get 1000 of Artifact Power. Make sure to be on top of this all the time to get a higher Knowledge level.  This is only character based, not account wide.

Artifact Power Graphic

World Quest
Just like in the 840+ Legion Gear mini-guide that we wrote, World Quest is the way to go. There are a lot of easy World Quests for you that will grand you a big amount of Artifact power. Some of the Artifact World Quests will be around for a few hours while thers will stay for days. But make sure to spend a good chunk of your time to do these world quests and you are good to go.

Rares and Treasures
While leveling you get a lot of Artifact power. Kill rares and make sure to install Handynote’s Legion Treasures to see all of the Treasures on your mini map. Chest’s and Small Chest treasures contain a lot of Artifact Power that will boost your weapon really fast.


To get a good warming up session for an evening in Legion is doing a Random Dungeon. The first run that you will do will give you an bonus Artifact power. After that stick with the Heroic Dungeon, there will be Artifact Power drops from trash mobs to bosses. Bosses will always guarantee drop high Artifact Power that will be in good use.

Alt-Spec Artifacts
Once you’ve hit 110 and acquired a lot of Artifact Power knowledge it will be easier to get traits on your alt-spec artifact weapon. The better your AP knowledge, the more Artifact Power bonus you will grant on a single Artifact Power item.


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