5 Things To Get Excited for in Battle for Azeroth!

Legion was arguably one of the best expansions World of Warcraft has ever seen, maybe even the best. Which means that Battle for Azeroth has some big shoes to fill being the next expansion. We believe that the game is in good hands right now and that we will get another phenomenal gaming experience.

These are five things to look forward to in Battle for Azeroth:

1. Split Zones
The Horde will travel to Zandalar to recruit the trolls of that region and secure the land. Meanwhile, the Alliance travel to Kul Tiras, the home of Jaina Proudmore, to recruit an army as well. The two factions fighting on different islands during our leveling periods means that the Alliance and Horde will have an even more custom experience during this expansion, emphasizing the battle against one another. It got us excited to play both factions so we can experience all zones and all the intriguing stories that come along with them.

2. Allied Races
Should we say more than, ALLIED. RACES. OMG, these guys look AMAZING. Each expansion you hope that Blizzard will put out another class or race to play with and now they are pulling out six. SIX! Some of them are basically upgraded models of old races which makes the old ones outdated but the new ones are more than welcome. Especially the Zandalari Trolls look awesome to us. Straight standing trolls, I mean, come on!

3 & 4. Island Expeditions and Warfronts
Battle for Azeroth will give some love back to the PvP community that just wants more content. This expansion they will get to battle for new pieces of land in the Island Expeditions and play Warfronts Warcraft 3 style. If you wanted Warcraft 4 to be announced at Blizzcon, the Warfronts are as close as you can get for now. We personally didn’t play that much PvP during the last two expansions but these two features might pull us right back in!

5. Just more WoW
Legion was awesome, maybe the best expansion we have ever seen or might see in WoW. We just want more of that. We believe Blizzard is on the right path if you look at the amount of content that gets put out and in the pace we get it. The next couple of years should resemble what we got in Legion since Blizzard notices that this is what we, the players, love. Not the slow-paced content roll-out we got in WoD or MoP. GIVE US MORE BLIZZARD, and we will be playing!

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